Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap – Old Milwaukee

Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap – Old Milwaukee


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DUKE CANNON – SOAP – OLD MILWAUKEE BEER SOAP One day while sipping a refreshing shower beer, Duke Cannon got the idea: what if we put beer in the soap? Turns out there are actual skin benefits that come from the beer, but that’s just a nice side benefit of doing something awesome. So, we partnered with our friends at Old Milwaukee, purveyors of a quality domestic lager enjoyed by hard-working Americans since 1849. The result is a Big Ass Beer Soap that suds up well, gets you clean, and smells outstanding. (It doesn’t smell like beer. It has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.) Size: 10 oz. INGREDIENTS: SODIUM TALLOWATE, SODIUM COCOATE AND/OR SODIUM PALM KERNELATE, AQUA, EAU (WATER), GLYCERIN, FRAGRANCE, BEER, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, IRON OXIDES, SODIUM CHLORIDE, PENTASODIUM PENTETATE


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